Who we are

Find creatives a temporary home to help them test and promote their businesses idea

Go—PopUp is a community marketplace where brands and creative businesses can connect to landlords and commercial property owners to find temporary space where they can test, promote and develop their business ideas. With our international network we are able to match and connect businesses among each other to open up new cooperations and leverage creative exchange. We promote Pop-Up Events and Locations in Europe and thus increase the visibility of these short-term happenings.

Establish a PopUp community in Europe

Go—PopUp is a community project and marketplace. We invite everybody to contribute ideas and connections relevant for the project. For PopUp organizers or those who think about to become one we provide a platform to share their Know-How and learn from each other. Everybody is welcome to take part in the project. For this we provide a:

  • Community marketplace where businesses can connect to commercial property owners
  • Community platform and iPhone App to promote Pop-Up businesses and ideas across Europe
  • Large international network of creatives from fashion, creative, eatery and entertainment world as well as from commercial property owners

Benefits of the Pop-Up concept

Research shows that Pop-Ups, i.e. short-term tenancy to test a business, are very beneficial for Start Ups. They can test their idea on a temporary basis while writing a business plan with minimal input but maximal output and impact. With a Pop-Up they will:

  • get lean data on their project
  • generate valuable insight into the demand and thoughts of potential customers
  • increase their network and their visibility

In this respect Pop-Ups are a way to increase (self-)employment and make perfect use of innovative potential in Europe. Last but not least Pop-Ups are a way to decrease vacancy and increase temporary use. Thus they are a superb possibility to use urban space creatively and bring back life to grey corners. Connect with us and share your Pop-Up!

About us

Go—PopUp connects brands and creative businesses with landlords and property owners to launch pop up ideas. We offer low to full service supporting those, who want to test, promote and develop their business ideas.