× Currently, we receive many new submissions for retail and pop-up spaces. As we consider and check each space carefully, there will be a delay by the response time of our leasing team. We apologize the inconvenience.

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Your benefits

  • Save money and reduce your efforts

    Rent out your unused space and minimize expenses and losses through out vacancy.

  • Lease out vacant space easily

    Rent out online your shop, a part of it or even just a wall or a shelf.

  • Earn money with flexible rentals

    Use vacancy reasonable in time to increase your revenue.

How it works

  • List for free

    We create your free multilingual space profil, our service team personally contacts you. Changes are possible at any time.

  • Prices and Availability

    You determine the daily, weekly or monthly prices and the availability. Only if your space is rented out through us, our fees apply.

  • Uncomplicated processes

    Minimize your rental effort, we take care of all steps for you. From the communication with clients until the lease out of your space.

  • You decide

    Whether startup, established brands or creative ideas. Rent out to exciting tenants and decide who gets your space.