What is a Pop-Up?


The Pop-Up concept is beneficial for various target groups for different reasons:

  • Start-ups to test a business idea
  • Online brands to test the offline format
  • Existing brands to use it as a marketing and brandbuilding strategy, e.g. new product
  • Landlords to use it as a marketing strategy for their space
  • Urban developers to regenerate communities


What are the benefits?

  • You can test your business idea on a temporary basis
  • Limit your risks while researching a business plan
  • Get valuable insight into the demand and thoughts of potential customers
  • Increase your network
  • Be there to be found


The Pop-Up People report from Dan Thompson delivers valuable insights on the benefits of Pop-Up’s. It includes contributions from various people who have set up their own Pop-Up. Further PopUp Britain, the retail arm of national enterprise campaign StartUp Britain conducted a straw poll on the benefits of Pop-Up’s. According to the report Pop-Up shops are a training ground for the independent high street entrepreneurs of the future!

Pop-Up at a Glance

Here-today-and-gone-tomorrow! Pop-Up’s are Shops, Restaurants, Bars, Cafés, Galleries, Exhibitions which appear on a temporary basis and are placed in an unique environment. The concept of Pop-Up’s isn’t new apart from the business itself, which has various drivers, i.e. as marketing or brand building concept, online to offline and as a training ground for future entrepreneurs.