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Serviced by a grand staircase, richly decorated with wood paneling and paintings, the 8 lounges of the Hotel Le Marois can accommodate over 600 people for a memorable event.

On the first floor, the 300m² of 18th century style lounges provide a majestic setting for your general meetings, press conferences or even your fashion shows. High ceilings, modularity, air conditioning ... these reception areas lend themselves beautifully to the organization of your receptions, cocktails and gala dinners.

In the lower spaces, the elegant and timeless decoration of the lounges and the library, combined with warm and contemporary furniture, creates an atmosphere conducive to study days, meetings in smaller committees or even private dinners.

Finally, the elegant 90m² lobby and its adjoining terrace with a view of the Grand Palais, are modulated and decorated, in winter and summer, to bring all your events to life.

To delight and surprise your guests, let yourself be seduced by the inspired and refined gastronomy, tailor-made, discreet and attentive service. Choosing our elegant and majestic setting means combining unforgettable memories with a unique day full of emotions.


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