Go—PopUp is the leading international marketplace for renting temporary stores, offering a wide range of venues, so companies, agencies and brands can spread awareness of their product. From a shop in a central high-street to one in a hidden off-location, to shopping centres and any places that can be ideal for creating a buzz.

Meet our Team

Karen Prats
Co-Founder & CEO
David Pérez
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Patrick Burkert
Co-Founder & CMO
David Torras
Miriam Sanchez
Communications Manager
Sandra Aparicio
Sales Leader Spain
Susana Almonacid
Leasing | Strategic Partnerships
Ilja Prokopez
Country Manager Austria
Diana Jiménez
Agencies Success Manager
Stefanie Privoznik
Sales Leader Germany
Georg Demmer
Country Manager Austria
Djanina Freytag
Expansion Success Manager
Fernanda Valdez
Supply and Quality Leader
Andy Nguyen
Sales Manager Germany
Lea Kundicevic
Communications Manager
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