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Space Description Reference : 45WXN

Casa Raphael Baldaya is located in the old parish of Santa Catarina (Misericórdia), an area highly appreciated throughout our artistic-cultural history. ​Writers, poets and musicians ​lived here, inspired by the city of the seven hills.
The Raphael Baldaya House, inspired by the great poet Fernando Pessoa and ​Lisbon is a ​cultura space where the ​written word is the center of attention and wher​e​ words are the greatest source of expression of Portuguese culture . We want to promote the word through all of us, making this House a space of meetings and ideas that invite inspiration and elevation, through creativity and sharing.
We believe that dreams have no limits, and therefore man never fails to create.
We are a ​house where events take place that go from the theater to the recital, from music to improvisation. We do dinners or sociali​sing with group dynamics, always with an intimate and informal character.

"God wills, man dreams, the work is born."

Fernando Pessoa






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