A brand statement, excellent marketing & perfect location equals WOW!! equals DIANEWEDNESDAY Pop-Up Shop Opening at Galerie Melilli Mancinetti last Thursday.

It took 1,5 month for the DIANEWEDNESDAY team to set everything up, including the search for the perfect location. Since they produce designer fashion, it was important to be represented in a place where people appreciate it. At the end it was clear that Berlin-Mitte is the place to be. Agency V did excellent work to spread the word.

DIANEWEDNESDAY was born in Berlin in June 2013. For the team, a Pop-Up Shop is the ideal way to introduce the designer brand in the Berlin based fashion scene. Well, not just to introduce it but to stage it and to create traction. Basically the temporary shop is first and foremost a space where the product is made visible and touchable. It was important for the designers to present the Sweaters and T-Shirts in a clean environment, where the colourful items are a nice contrast to the setting of the location. This leaves an impression and creates the desirable impact on the visitors.

Selling the items on different platforms such as the DIANEWEDNESDAY online store, in retail stores in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Moscow as well as at the Marcona3 Showroom in Milan and Paris secures regular income and leaves room to experiment with brand building. This is what is happening at the Pop-Up Shop in Berlin at the moment.

DIANEWEDNESDAY currently collaborates with the high end Italian designer bike company ABICI and with the Berlin based Beer company Bier Bier. If there will be another Pop-Up Shop in Berlin is not decided yet but there is definitively more to come. „We’ll leave our options open“ says the Assistant Manager. According to her: „The Pop-Up concept is a perfect way to stage our brand. The temporary character of the Pop-Up allows us to be in many places at the same time with our own store at reasonable costs.“

Now, get yourself down to Galerie Melilli Mancinetti and enjoy the colorful Sweaters and T-Shirts with graphics such as "teddy bears", stylized herons as well as "jelly belly" and "teeth gummy candies".

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