Go—Happarel at Bikini Berlin

Happarel is a Berlin based bicycle manufacturer. It's a collective of crafters, designers and artists with a green mentality making handmade apparel and bike wear.

As designers they value beautiful things that follow a sustainable path. So They would love to see our common urban space becoming less hectic and conformist. They guys from Happarel are totally into cycling. A lot. It makes them happy to see how cycling becomes more and more popular and how cyclists are persisting on their rightful place in the urban jungle. It is evident that cycling is more than just an eco-friendly way of transport. It is a lifestyle and a personal statement after all.

Happarels's bicycles, their service and their apparel are leaving the sphere of obsolete conveyer-belt products and distinguish yourself from the ones just following the hype.

They are offering stylish reflective stickers, t-shirts, bicycle caps, workshops and a total reflective makeover for your bike.

Get on your bike and meet them at Bikini Berlin for Go—Lifestyle.






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