Go—Marley Spoon at Bikini Berlin

Marley Spoon is a lifestyle company focused on easy do-it-yourself cooking. As they supply you with the best and regional ingredients for a tasty and healthy meal sending you everything home!

Their device: WE LOVE COOKING - and we give you the time for it!

This is how it works: You decide for how many people you want to cook, then you decide what you want to cook and choose one of our receipts. We will bring it to your home and all you need to to is having fun and enjoy cooking for you and your loved ones.

Marley Spoon's cooks create new dishes every week: With meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan. It does not matter if you cook for the first time or are an expert chef - you will create great meals with their receipts. All ingredients come exactly portioned to to your home.

Get your first box at Bikini Berlin and meet Marley Spoon for Go—Lifestyle.




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