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Tintype Berlin is a vintage photography project cultivating the antique process of wet-plate-collodion. It is travel in time to the earliest days of photography to experience how portraits were made over 150 years ago.

Tintype Berlin offers hand-crafted silver photographs made with an antique recipe: a liquid emulsion called collodion. You will witness the creation process step by step and the image almost magically appearing before your own eyes.

Unlike any other kind of photographs, collodion portraits posses the ability to look into the deepest layers of your soul, revealing personal qualities that no other technique can capture.

Collodion portraits made on metal or glass plates are extremely durable, one-of-a-kind, tangible objects that last generations and are treasured by families as their heirlooms.


Meet them at Bikini Berlin for Go—Lifestyle.


Tintype Berlin


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