Goop's Pop-Up Store in London has now become permanent

Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle shop arrived in London back in September as a pop-up, now after its grand success, it will stay in the city for long-term.

The store located in Notting Hill is stocked with health supplements, skin care products, homeware, clothing and accessories - all curated under the fresh style of the Goop.



During a study done in July of last year, the company was estimated to worth $250 million, while in that time only having one permanent shop in LA, and a few pop-up shops around the United States.

It was also not a surprise that its first international brick and mortar store would happen fist in the UK as it is where Goop started 10 years ago. Gwyneth Paltrow first started the concept as a weekly newsletter featuring its lifestyle recommendations for her fans, sent from her then London home.



The pop-up was in London was a great market study for Goop, and concluded that its physical presence needed to stay. The now permanent store is only an extension of the pop-up, offering customers the experience to immerse into Goop’s identity.




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