Heineken Pop-Up Tram in Hong Kong

Guest Article by Romain Aubert from Popscout

Few founding elements of Colonial Hong Kong stand today as they did over 100 years ago; one of them, aside from a few face-lifts, is Hong Kong’s infamous Tramways. Aside from being the coolest thing on the streets, they are the platform of an initiative that might just change the pop-up and short-term retail sector forever. Short-term retail is growing exponentially, but hop-on Hong Kong Tramways’ Transparent Tram and be a part of the concept that takes retail to a whole new level: Pop-up Tramways.



Hong Kong Tramways’ Transparent Tram operates as normal, but it’s a skeleton Tram developed exclusively for private hire. Pop-up Tramways is simple: host a mobile Pop-up event on this Transparent Tram to showcase your brand and become the talk of the town. This landmark initiative is for bold entrepreneurs and marketers with vision, ready to take on an exciting new avenue to relay their passion and the vision they have for brands. It has astronomical potential for commercial exposure, and whether you’re a small-time brand or a big-time corporate and daring enough to propel your business to the next level, Pop-up Tramways might just be your answer.


Popularity & Commerciality

Hong Kong Tramways is a remarkably cherished institution. It exemplifies the magic of cross-cultural exchange – the engineering ingenuity of the Brits and the prudence of the local users, 200,000 of which enjoy “a ride like no other” every single day. Their craftsmen handbuild and service the Tramways from the engine to the paintwork at the depot in Sai Wan. The commercial potential of a retail event is fantastic. As an adored local institution, any publicity it receives is entirely positive – it attracts exciting media coverage in magazines, newspapers, TV shows, the lot. You have the chance here to host an exclusive brand event that glides across Hong Kong Island on the top deck of a transparent Tram. And Hong Kong’s short-term retail market is still immature and way more accessible that Europe by comparison – so put on a good show and half the city will know. Cool initiatives like this don’t get lost and forgotten amid a vast sea of ideas, events and edge as they would do in places like London.


Picture this as a mobile shop or event, not a public tram with an in-built shop. With private hire, guests are invited at your discretion – you could pick up locals at some pre-determined stops, or host the most glamorous, exclusive party in town that others can only gaze up at from the streets.


The Tram itself has fantastic visibility and lots of interior potential. What you put inside it is entirely your prerogative; there’s enough space for most things a designer or your imagination could conjure. Since it’s private hire, if you want wacky wallpaper and fake grass on the inside, go for it. If you want the bottom tier covered in ads and only the upper-deck event visible from the streets, go for it. If you want dressing rooms and a catwalk show on the top, why not. Seating areas, welcome stations, food areas, even live music are easily done. There are striplights of fluorescent tubing on the top deck – but there’s no reason why these need to stay, in fact you can illuminate your event in whatever way you want. The generator can handle all kinds of power output.

There’s enough space to accommodate any vision and host your dream event. Pop-up Tramways can take your brand to whole new heights; it serves as an exciting and unique platform for sales and positive, effective publicity. All aboard!

Heineken “Shape Your City” campaign

Recently we had Heineken taking over the pop up tramway with a double-deck mobile bar for their “Shape Your City” campaign. The tramway strolled around Hong Kong Island inviting guests onboard this unique branded tram illuminated in the official Heineken green and bearing the iconic red star.

Thanks Romain and Popscout for this wonderful project!

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