Lisbon meets Berlin at the Shoes Closet Pop-Up Store.

Shoes Closet is a Lisbon based shoe label driven by passion and influenced by ancient portuguese shapes, materials and patterns. Born out from the family history of shoe-making, Shoes Closet understands what it takes to make outstanding handcrafted products with values of quality, comfort and artisanship.

Now they are here in Berlin with their first Pop-Up Store in Torstraße 161 Pop-Up Space, which they booked over PopUp Berlin. We talked with Helena Amante, the creative director and designer of Shoes Closet, about her label and her first pop-up shop in Germany.


Please introduce yourself and your label.

I’m Helena, the designer of our Label Shoes Closet. It is a family business that I run with my brother. Our family is in the shoe business since my great grandfather used to manufacture typical portuguese boots and shoes.

Tell us more about your products.

We have several different lines per collection and three collections that change every season and we also keep some timeless collections that have some special materials and traditional shapes and patterns from Portugal. All shoes are handcrafted and made in Portugal.

Why are you doing a Pop-Up Shop in Germany?

We are here for one week in Berlin to make an direct approach to the German market. We want to see peoples reactions to our different lines and which line is more appealing to the German market. That is why we choose four different lines in our Pop-Up Shop, which are seperate presented. We want to see what fits best for the German market so it is really like a test and showcase for us. We work with very good materials that our customers have to feel, see and try out, which is not possible when you sell only online.

Shoes Closet Collection

What do you like about the pop-up concept?

The pop-up concept is the best way to do this. It gives you the possibility to interact directly with the market without having any people in the middle who might not get exactly the idea of what you want, so it is a way to be in direct contact with your customers. You can do this by yourself with lower risk and costs, and that makes it perfect for us. And it is also good for not only to raise awarness, but also to see for your own eyes the peoples reaction.

Are there any specials that you’re planning during the week?

The idea is to make a Get-Together and to invite people here in Berlin. It is all about the shoes and we are here to get as much feedback as possible. So we make an event on thursday with portuguese wine and traditional fingerfood from Algarve region, where our Headquarter is located. And everyone is invited.

Learn more about Pop-Ups and have a look at Shoes Closet Online Shop.

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