London Calling: Pop Into Berlin In Shoreditch

Next stop: Shoreditch High Street via Overground. #popintoberlin entered Great Britain’s capital to spread Berlin’s spirit all over the city. London, a place where the contemporary and the nostalgic come together to create a unique atmosphere. A place where you will find a vibrant music scene from Beatles to Amy Winehouse, high-fashion by Vivienne Westwood and Victoria Beckham and THE Royal Family. Opening a store in London is a dream for so many people… Berlin fulfilled this dream by opening a pop-up store together with 16 local Berliner brands from October 5th until 11th. (©visitBerlin)

Located on 133-135 Bethnal Green Road, London E2.


©visitBerlin, Foto: Greg Allen



Berlin music
Together with Melt!Booking, who are showing the highlights of Berlin's festival season 2016, visitBerlin invites everybody to the world's smallest disco: "Teledisko". Invented by the startup of the same name people can dance in a small silver phone box.

A creative hotspot: Shoreditch
Many of the city’s young creatives roam the streets of East London, opening and popularizing a lot of the city’s most interesting restaurants, shops, and bars. Locals, hipsters and tourists walking along streets eating street food and buying vintage fashion. Old brick warehouses have transformed into interactive art galleries, and countless buildings have served as Banksy’s canvases. Shoreditch is a creative hotspot that almost waited for a #popintoberlin pop-up.



our/berlin in London
The pub culture in Britain is huge. Bars are as famous as clubs in London. visitBerlin’s pop-up and the London Cocktail Week is at the same time. This is why we want to present you our/berlin vodka who created a Berlin -Mule extra for this week:

4cl our/Berlin

15cl Thomas Henry Spicy Ginger

2cl frischer Limettensaft



©visitBerlin, Foto: David Thunander

The essence of Berlin
With Our/Vodka, Pernod Ricard creates super premium vodka with a character, using only fine local ingredients in different cities around the world. Our/Berlin is the first micro distillery opened in Spring 2013, produced and hand-bottled with pure Berlin water and German wheat, quintessentially local in Berlin Treptow. The 350ml resealable bottle sticks out with its crown cap, simple, clean and charming design, while the unique size makes it perfect for sharing and enjoying with friends. It tastes smooth and fresh with a slightly fruity note. The taste is clean and smooth, no fancy filtration methods, no artificial flavors. It is pretty honest and straight forward — just like the city itself. Today Our/Berlin has gained solid foothold in Berlin and more and more all around Germany. Everyone involved is psyched seeing the brand thriving and it feels like one big Vodka-family.


blog_london_ourberlin_1London: the new member of the our/vodka family
Right in the neighborhood of Shoreditch, in Hackney, our/vodka will open a freshly new distillery for our/london vodka. Like the other editions it will differ in taste and ingredients so you will taste a unique local London vodka.

You wann taste the vodka now? Well, either you take the next plane to London or you step by at the distillery in Berlin, open 10am - 6pm. Check their Facebook page for special Friday events they host! -Cheers!


Opening hours of the Berlin pop-up store in London

Monday, 5th October to Sunday, 11th October 2015
Mon: 11am-9pm | Tue: 11am-5pm | Wed-Sat: 11am-9pm | Sun: 11am-6pm

More information via and #popintoberlin

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