Marbella, third stop of "Tesla On Tour"

After setting up his pop-up store in Barcelona, Tesla inaugurates a new pop-up store in Marbella.

In the pop-up of the electric vehicle's brand, you will be able to know in first person all the models of the brand - at the moment the Model S and Model X. As well as arranging a driving test to discover in the first person how Is to sit behind the wheel of the electric cars everyone is talking about.

As we mentioned, the pop-up format allows you to carry out projects or businesses without running the traditional risks and with limited resources. By not being permanent, the brands can try and repeat if it works well. And that is what Tesla has done, announcing that there will be five more pop-up stores during the summer, in this case, located in strategic points of Spain, Portugal, Italy and France. We love to hear that!


tesla popup gopopup


Under the name "Tesla On Tour", they aim to reach the most exclusive holiday destinations with the highest purchasing power in Southern Europe. These are the locations and dates of the Tesla pop-up tour:


Barcelona (Spain): open from now until July 12.

Algarve (Portugal): open from now until July 31.

Marbella (Spain): open from now until 31 August.

Cannes (France): open from 18 July to 18 August.

Tuscany (Italy): open from 14 July to 20 August.

Sardinia (Italy): open from 29 July to 20 August.


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