Meet our agency clients - ÍTACA for KLM

ÍTACA, one of Spain's leading agencies for events, marketing and communications, has most recently worked with Go—PopUp on the creation of the impressive KLM pop-up store. The goal at Go—PopUp was to find the perfect temporary space where ÍTACA would produce the event, putting together all the components that made the pop-up store a success.

ÍTACA elaborated a one of a kind experience for KLM's target clients, as they were able to live one of the airline's experiences way before arriving at the airport.

On this occasion, we talked closely with our client about the key factors that make ÍTACA standout in the market, and its latest experience with us and our service.

Who are you?

ÍTACA is an eight-year-old company, composed of pioneering professionals in the development of Corporate Events and Experimental Marketing. Innovation, creativity, dealing with the client, monitoring each project and quality of execution are our hallmarks. The optimization of resources is a maximum in the approach of each project to communicate exactly what we want, achieve the expected goals and make it profitable.

We create strategies and conceptualize unique creative lines for each case involving each action. As a result of our efforts and the quality and results of our work, we always achieve a high level of satisfaction and loyalty from our customers, mostly large multinationals from different business sectors.

We are constantly growing but in a contained way, this is how we can offer the best service, with the maximum implication and the seal of our philosophy.

What does ÍTACA do?

We develop from small work meetings to large events for more than 1,000  people, forming teams of up to 140 professionals. We always start with a strategy, concept and a creative idea involving the whole project.

Road shows, showrooms, pop-ups, conventions, product presentations and delivery of prizes, are a few examples of these.

"We consider pop-ups great visual spaces,  where we can communicate the brand values of our clients and those of their product."

Why is live communication with pop-up stores important for brands?

We consider pop-ups great visual spaces, where we can communicate the brand values of our clients and those of their products. We do it with a surprising staging and with dynamics that involve the target audience, that generate memories that transcend.

Pop-ups are a street-marketing-action in ephemeral and magical spaces, that at the same time are quite real and representative.

How do you choose a location for an event?

We take into account logistical aspects, the services offered and the possibilities of equipment, but also the versatility of the space for its transformation, to turn it into a surprising and exclusive place for each action.

Why did you choose Go—PopUp?

Go—PopUp is a specialized company, with experience and professionalism. It is flexible and a good partner to locate the best spaces in the development of the creative actions of  ÍTACA.

What did you like the most about Go—PopUp?

It understands immediately what we are looking for by its extraordinary predisposition and teamwork. It responds to our needs with a fluency in communication while having the interest shown at all times.


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