Pop-Up at Milan Fashion Week

What comes to mind when you think of Milan? Sure- It is the fashion metropolis at all!

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2018 (Women’s) is THE fashion event and is set to kick off on Wednesday, September 20 and will run until September 26.

During Milan Fashion Week, the city’s cobblestoned streets turn into veritable catwalks, filled with VIPs and fashion lovers from all over the globe. It’s a fabulous occasion for designers to show their collections to journalists and buyers, who then review the collection and start placing orders for their boutiques and stores.

Milan Fashion Week is predicted to welcome over 30,000 unique visitors to the Italian fashion capital, including press, buyers, social influencers and designers. According to FashionUnited’s calculations, each of the 30,000 unique visitors attending MFW is set to spend 1,902 euros on average during their stay in Milan on accommodation, dining out and shopping.

Step into a world of glamour with women’s Fashion Week Milano and expose your brand under one of the most important fashion shows!

milan fashion week gopopup

Red Valentino pop-up store during Milan Fashion Week.


In Go—PopUp we can offer a wide range of spaces in Milano thanks to the Smart Retail Hub commercial Alliance. Every member works collaboratively from their town, taking part in this network to increase efficiency, create trust, and collaborate with brands and spaces. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help you to be part of Milan Fashion Week scenario.


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