4 Totally Different Pop-Up concepts

From pop-up bouquets in the city of love to a Rats café in San Francisco, this month there are some pop-up ideas coming up and we are here to tell you all about them.


Pop-Up Flower Bouquets in NYC

Is spring season in NYC and flowers are not only sprouting from the trees. The florist Lewis Miller and his team are turning Manhattan's streets into a flower runway with beautiful bouquet arrangements that pop-up all over the city. Some are calling him "the Florist-Bandit", others call him the "Banksy of Flower Arranging", the truth is that Lewis Miller is an artist, bringing New Yorkers closer to nature and drawing smiles with his amazing work. Miller told Vogue Magazine in an interview “I am in the business of fantasy and flowers, and it’s my job to transform key moments in my clients’ lives into joyful, everlasting memories. I wanted to recreate a similar feeling for the everyday city-dwellers and tourists of New York City." Congrats Miller, you did it!

The 'flashes', as he calls them, are created in the dawn so that people can enjoy them first time in the morning. They come in every size and presentation: huge flower bouquets coming out of a trash can garnish emblematic statues and intervene iconic sites.


Drink coffee with your 'rat pals' in San Francisco 

If you thought this was a joke, it is not. The San Francisco Dungeon is an experiential performance attraction that claims to be "the dark comedy of attractions". The experience is 360º, this means you can see, hear, touch, smell and feel everything in the 'show'. This time, they are taking it further with the launch of  "The Black Rat Café". The show, that costs 50$, includes the 'opportunity' to drink coffee surrounded by actual rats.

This immersive pop-up experience will be open temporarily and the first dates announced are July 1st and July 8th. What is your opinion? Do you think someone would pay to drink coffee surrounded by rats? We'll see about that...

Picture from SF Dungeon Twitter Account

Picture from SF Dungeon Twitter Account


Sugar, Spice and... a Pop-Up Shop in the city of London. The Powerpuff Girls rule the city! 

The 90's Cartoon Network's 'Powerpuff girls', Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, will be soon fighting crime in the city of London. Launched in 1998, the Powerpuff superheroes were some of the first cartoons that promoted #girlpower. Last year the cartoon was relaunched and to promote the UK airing, the Powerpuff Girls Emporium will open its doors for just a limited amount of days in the capital.

What to expect from the pop-up shop? Sorry to disappoint, no magic powers on purchase. There will be, though, immersive zones, nail bars and a ‘Powerpuff Yourself’ area, among other surprises.

Picture: Metro.co.uk/ The Powerpuff Emporium

Picture: Metro.co.uk/ The Powerpuff Emporium


Master's Chef floating ice cream pop-up

Have you ever used the expression "When pigs fly" expecting it will never ever happen? Well, pigs ain't flying but ice cream sure is. Master Chef is always challenging amateur cooks to push it further and create something different. This time, the challenge was to get ice cream to float. Sounds impossible, but Master Chef's guest judge, Christy Tania, can actually make it happen and since her appearance at the show, she has become world famous.

Melbourne is the lucky city chosen to launch the floating ice cream pop-up. It will be exclusively available at Prahran Market from May 25th to May 28th, from 11am until sold out. You will be able to choose between two flavours: vanilla and cherry cognac (the one that got her to win) and chocolate and cognac.

Picture from Concrete Playground

Picture from Concrete Playground


The beauty of pop-ups is their versatility to accomplish your unique business goals.  Either to surprise people, get your name out there and reach to new clients, like Lewis Miller did or to sell a product with an aura of "exclusivity", like the floating ice-cream, there are tons of possibilities and it is always a good idea to launch a pop-up store.


What do you think about this 4 totally different pop-ups? How would you use this concept to reach new clients or create awareness for your brand? We want to hear your ideas!

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