PopUp People - Nico Roscher & James Brook from Cake Studio

Christmas is on the way and one of our lovely Pop-Up Spaces, the CAKE STUDIO BERLIN, will still have availabilities between 01st – 23rd of December for you to host your Christmas Party. Therefor the cake is offering special Prices on Equipment Rentals and Full Packages for Private Parties with Family & Friends, Christmas Markets and Designer Sales plus Corporate Events being held during Christmas. For this limited time Cake Studio Berlin is offering together with PopUp Berlin a 15% Discount on all its Package Prices - reason enough to drop some questions to Nicole Roscher and James Brook about their space and the benefits of short-term rentals for Pop-Up Shops and Events.

Tell us something about you and your space.

We are Nico Roscher, Fashion Designer & James Brook, Music Producer. Together we’ve had this place since december 2013. Originally we wanted to use the studio as our own private workspace, but after so many requests from friends and photographers we decided to start renting the space. Now its become part of our creative life to work with many different people and we love that new people and ideas constantly walk in through our door. 

Why are you renting out your space as a pop-up space?

As studio owners and Creative people ourselves, offering a Pop-Up space is not only a great way of finding clients but also fantastic for meeting other people and using our studio in ways that we haven’t imagined before. We have already had a huge range of things happening in our space and we’re excited to see what else can happen here.

What is special about your space?

The studio has a great room height with a large skylight in the ceiling, which gives excellent daylight during the day and with the proper lighting during the evenings the place becomes really cosy but still with the sharp Black & White minimalistic style that we both love. We also offer many other services besides rental of the space, everything from Sound/Light Equipment, room design, Bar Service, Set Building and Event Planning. Which allows to cater to everything from ’sit down’ dinners for up 60 people, all the way to Fashion Shows, Exhibitions and Parties up to 300 people.

What kind of brand or project would you like to have for it?

So far we have worked with many different people, who have all wished to use the space for very different things. We are always open to new ideas and concepts.

If you could make a pop-up in your own space, what would it be?

Probably something that covers all the things we love. Something like a designer clothing market that includes performances and music. We already are planning several events during the coming year that fuse these elements and showcases berlin artists, designers and performers

Why is the PopUp Berlin Marketplace beneficial for you?

PopUp Berlin Is beneficial for us because it allows us access to different people and concepts that wouldn’t normally find their way to us and also provides excellent exposure in terms of acquiring clients and broadening the range of what the space is used for.

Rent this space now over Germanys leading Marketplace for Pop-Up Space and get a 15% discount in December.

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