PopUp People – Pearly from PEARLY WONG Pop-Up Store Berlin

"I really can’t express how amazing the entire experience was for Pearly Wong." After showing at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin the Malaysian Fashion Brand Pearly Wong opened a Pop-Up store at Quartier 206 Art & Fashion House located in the ♥ of Berlin.

Please introduce yourself and your brand.

My name is Pearly, I am the creative director of the label ‘Pearly Wong’, which I founded after finishing my studies at FIT in New York in 2012. The brand and I are based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but having been in Berlin for the past few months I hope that I can find a home away from home here. At the brands core is the desire to produce unisex wearable clothing that is ethically conscious and handmade but still feels current and relevant to the fashion climate.


Pearly's Fashion Show at #MFBW

Tell us something about your general style and your A/W2015 line.

The general style of the label is dark and edgy, a monochrome colour palette with a focus on multifunctional wear in each garment. The a/w15 collection is inspired a lot by my previous a/w14 collection. A lot of the cuts, colours and form of the garments are very similar, however I feel like a/w15 is an extension and progression from the previous. I like to continue my storytelling with each collection I do but still focus on making sure the brands personality and ideals are carried throughout.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: What did that mean to Pearly Wong, personally?

MBFWB proved to be a huge challenge for me but it was such an amazing opportunity. I really have my team to thank for, without them we would not have had a show at all. Everyone was 100% making sure things got done so that the show would be successful and it was. I am very thankful for that and I feel blessed in so many ways. Also for IMG to have such a young label like Pearly Wong show on an international platform has been so encouraging for me.

... and what does that mean for Pearly Wong, the fashion brand?

The chance to be at MBFWB has definitely brought more attention and focus on the label, especially in the European market. Without this platform, we would have never gained the exposure through international medias like Vogue Italia, Superior mag, Telegraph UK and many more. We are very fortunate to have had this opportunity.


Pearly Wong Backstage at #MBFW

Why did you choose to launch a pop-up shop in Berlin?

I think Berlin is just such a great city for arts and culture and also to live. The fashion industry is definitely alive here. There is such a huge culture for expression and you really feel that represented in the fashion here. Launching a Pop-Up store serves as a way to test a potential market and in doing so allows us to gauge the possibility of extending the brand based on the reception to the clothing. I feel like the Pearly Wong brand aesthetics fit well with Berlin, its style and culture.

How did you choose the space?

We were actually offered the space by a kind gentleman from PopUp Berlin. We are very happy with the location, being in the middle of the city and in a huge shopping district have helped to increase the exposure of Pearly Wong.

Opening Party 

In our Pop-Up Store we are hosting the Launch Party for the new Berlin label GANSTEIN & PARK, created by graduated ESMOD students, Elena Ganstein and Sojin Park. Their debut collection is called "NULLNULL COLLECTION". Drinks and light food provided as well as 15% discount on all labels.
Reservation needed to attend the opening event on February 19th — please RSVP here via Inbox Message.
Event Details: Feb 19th at Quartier 206, Friedrichstraße 71, 7.30.


Web - http://www.pearlywong.co/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pearlywongofficial


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