PopUp People – Sandro Spiess from Eventbrite

Every Pop-Up is a live event in some ways. It is temporary, it is exclusive, it is exceptional. There are always going to be unexpected things that come up. Which is why we are very lucky to have been given the opportunity to talk to the event specialist Sandro Spiess from Eventbrite!

Tell us something about Eventbrite.

Created in 2006 in San Francisco by a team of three co-founders, in a world where ticketing was reserved for large arenas and stadiums, Eventbrite allowed literally anyone to create, promote and sell out events of any type or size, from small wine tastings to massive music festivals. Since then, Eventbrite has democratized the ticketing industry and has grown into the world’s leading self-service ticketing platform: Last year alone, we sold tickets and registrations worth around €1.3 billion in 190 countries. And we have just opened an office in Berlin!

What is your role in the company? 

I am the marketing manager for Germany, based in Berlin. We are still new to Berlin, so I’m out there a lot, meeting interesting new people, making friends and forging partnerships. If you organise, or are involved in the organisation of concerts, tastings, congresses, any type of event really, we want to talk to you!

People in this business use to say 'location, location, location'. As an event specialist, tell us why? 

The location of your event can make or break it. It needs to fit both the type of event you have in mind and the type and size of your expected audience. It needs to feel like you have attracted a good crowd without being overly crowded and have all the facilities you require. When it comes to events, location is literally “half the rent” as we say in Germany.

And more importantly: How do you make sure to find it?

Consider your audience: are you planning an intimate gathering with your closest friends or a rager with bottle service and security? Then, consider your budget: come up with an estimate of how much you will be spending on the event, including expenses like booze, furniture rentals, bartenders, and decorations, and decide whether you’ll be treating or charging your guests to attend. This will help you narrow down on your location options and explore the option of renting out a venue.


Tell us about your partnership with PopUp Berlin

Eventbrite was founded to help event organisers sell tickets online. Our service saved them precious time, allowing them to focus on what they are best at: organising memorable events. Anyone who has ever had to look for a fitting venue for an event knows how painful it can be to start that search from scratch. PopUp Berlin makes finding a fitting venue so much easier – just like us, their aim is to help people concentrate their attention on the event itself, rather than on tedious admin tasks. Besides, they really know this city quite well and come up with lots of unexpected and creative locations. We have a shared vision, and that’s why we work so well together.

Which event are you really looking forward to in 2015?

2015 is full of interesting events. Right now I’m most excited about the “Brite Day” our team is hosting in Berlin on February, 19th, in the cool space Generator Basement Room found by our friends PopUp Berlin. It will be an inspirational gathering on good food in Berlin and how to make a living from your passion. It’s an all day event with true characters and knowledgeable experts who will share their stories, an elevator-turned-coffee shop and an opportunity to meet exciting new people. Anyone with an interest in food and events is welcome to join us!


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