Take A Nap With napp At Bikini Berlin

Did you know that we roughly spend one third of our life sleeping? Okay, it’s not that surprising but many of us are not aware of the benefits, which sleep has on our health and performance. So, a good matress is essential for a heahlty lifestyle.

This is what Julian Treidler and Maximilian Emrich, who met during their studies at WHU – Otto Beisheim School, recognized among overpriced mattresses in generel, unpleasant stores and comission driven salespeople when they finally designed their own mattress – napp.

Julian and Maximilian believe that restorative sleep should be neither complicated nor expensive.

A Design Innovation
Matresses as a design product? –Yes! For them mattresses are like any other piece of furniture and should express their owner‘s attitude. It’s time to end boring mattress covers that need to be hidden. napp offers various covers to chose from, varying in style and fabrics - mattresses have never been so customizable before! No need for bed sheets any more.


The Mattress
napp is a singular design mattress with a height of 22 cm made out of a combination of memory foam and polyurethane foam. It is split into five zones with a designated area for head and feet, which is a huge improvement compared to traditional, universally designed mattresses.


Quality made in Germany
It embraces good quality; this is why the matress is designed and manufactured in Germany, available in all standard sizes and backed by a 10 year warranty.


So, curious about napp? Visit them at Bikini Berlin Box no. 10 untill the end of August and step by for a little nap?! We're wishing you some pleasant dreams.




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