Venca opens its first Digital Experience Pop-Up Store in Spain in Zaragoza

Venca, pioneer in Spain as fashion e-commerce for women, takes a step forward and brings its new winter collection to the consumer with a totally digital space, where the client can see, touch and buy what he wants online and receive it at home in 24h / 48h.


The city of Zaragoza is chosen by Venca thanks to Go—PopUp to inaugurate its first Pop-Up in Spain and specifically in the commercial center Puerto Venecia. A playful environment to give the consumer an original, different and surprising experience within the context of a new fashion collection.


The initiative, which is part of the digital strategy of the Spanish company, seeks to create an online environment adapted to its customers in a space where products can be known through this new concept.


Venca Digital Experience

The unique fashion experience elements: Look & Touch /  Shop & Enjoy / Shop More & Carry Less. Venca Digital Experience will be the fashion experience that leads the consumer to touch the garments and have fun combining. To buy from a Digital Locker in an agile way without carrying bags, to interact and win free looks with the different iPads in the room, and to meet stylists and influencers who will make you have a great time and will let you know the latest trends and their different combinations, of course, at a totally competitive price.



All this will create a 360 degree effect in which each client can share and know the news and workshops of each week online, attend the Pop-Up Store and buy what they want. Upload your looks to the different RRSS and become part of the great virtual community of Venca.


Venca reinvents itself every day in design, collection, offer and business alternatives. An example of this is this Pop-Up Store and an agile web created for women, men, homes and children, who look for something more in the world of fashion: different styles, latest trends and sizes up to 4XL.



A collection of superprices and designs adapted to different needs for real women, with corsets and / or patterns that enhance or disguise, to the taste of the consumer. The Pop-Up Store will move to other cities in Spain throughout 2018 thanks to Go—PopUp.



"This new concept allows us to bring the brand and the collection closer to our users, discover the latest trends in a digital environment, and offer them something new and different every day. In an accessible and very competitive way." (Ana Roselló, Marketing Director of Venca)



Venca Pop-Up Container Store        

Go—PopUp and our partner Container Custom designed and produced Venca Container Store, that will move to different cities in Spain during next year. The first confirmed city is Zaragoza in Puerto Venecia.



Main objectives

The Containers main objective is the acquisition of new customers. It was also important that they know us in the first person, touch the garments, value the quality and the collection. And as a noteworthy fact that Venca is the pioneer company in the online world in Spain, at the forefront of the virtual world and technology. Strengths in the Container Custom Store:


  • Zone of event attracting new clients.
  • Technological zone generating sales and traffic / effect called to the Store.
  • Product Zone: Testers + collection area + Sale Zone with 4 important corner:
  • Super Prices and Exclusive Collection from 4.99 €
  • Fast Fashion / Exclusive internet Only online, renewed every week.
  • Large sizes Fashion up to 4XL
  • Lingerie / Corsetry - Lingerie and technical corsets Hide curves or enhance them.



Create a commercial point that guarantees good visibility in the urban area and generate impact through a novel design. Respect and enhance the brand image at the consumer level



Develop a totally transportable concept.



Develop a store model that is of interest, for the location in all types of private spaces (Shopping Mall).


Concept Store

The proposal consists of 3 maritime containers of 20 HC format generating an interior useful surface of 45m2. In order to create an elegant space, premium and with technological visual, we opted for a completely transparent space, integrating the colors and textures white ivory, light wood, base color of the exterior in tungsten gray with metallic finials.

The location of the 4 corners generates a layout that is completely intuitive and easy to navigate. The layout of the digital screens, with a front unit, create a called effect and provide a visual field from any perspective, both from the inside and outside. Different openings and windows have been created that allow the display of the product and the digital screens, so that they refer to the online world.


Digital lockers

They consist of two 49 "screens placed vertically with a touch frame that allows interaction with the screens by the client.Video content while no one touches the screen will be call to action, to bring people to the screens. the customer to approach to touch and experiment. Once the screen is touched the client can consult the virtual catalog and even buy in these unattended. In turn, it is integrated into the sides of these, the payment system to finalize the sale in the same place. With delivery option in the same store or wherever you want.


Strech screens

There are 4 strech screens of 2m height, that allow to break with the monotony of the spaces to which the eye of the client is accustomed. They allow synchronizing between them providing endless possibilities when placing audiovisual content. The screens can play each other offering a novel and fun aesthetic through videos, create a wow effect and striking for the passers-by.





Digital lockers and strech screens can be connected together. That is to say, at the moment in which the store is closed, for example, the contents between them can be combined to give a powerful visual sensation between the union of the zones.


 Learn more about Pop-Up Container


Technology in the Pop-Up Store


  • Virtual Games create your outfits interacting with the mega screens of the Pop Up Store.
  • Tactile screens, to be able to consult the collection.
  • Substitution of traditional mannequins, by 2m screens with moving models (videos).


The Location - Puerto Venecia in Zaragoza

Go—PopUp has managed the location in Puerto Venecia for Venca, where it is planned to continue offering different locations in the road-show in 2018. The Opening took place on the 16th November in Puerto Venecia. Puerto Venecia is located in Zaragoza, the fifth largest city in Spain. The shopping resort has become the meeting point and social nerve center for the residents of the Northeast of Aragon, which has received more than 5 million visits from residents of other adjoining regions. Since its opening in October 2012, Puerto Venecia has received:


  • Mapic Award for Best Commercial and Leisure Development in the World in 2013
  • Spanish Association of Shopping Centers Award to the Best Shopping Center in Spain in 2014
  • Tourism Merit Medal of the Government of Aragon in 2014
  • Gold Leed Certification in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design



Go—PopUp has also managed the vinyl of VENCA in the panoramic lift in Puerto Venecia.




Campaigns to be carried out in Puerto Venecia:


  • Opening
  • Black Friday
  • Christmas
  • Fashion Week Venca Digital Experience
  • End of the year Sales
  • 3 Kings Festival
  • Sale
  • Closing


All these campaigns will have a main base that will be Christmas, since it is the base period in which we will move during our stay in Puerto Venecia.They will visit us: Influencers, Bloggers, Stylists, Make-up artists, Hairdressers and so on. These people will help the brand according to the time and the campaign to make outfits, tricks to make-up, hairdressing and so on.



Actions in the Pop Up Store


  • Gifts for the seasons (Christmas, Black Friday and more)
  • Fashion Week (Special actions, stylists who will accompany the clients in their trip through the Pop-Up Store, pass models with real clients of the PopUp Store with the created virtual outfits
  • DJ's and Music
  • Santa Claus Fashion Helpers (Christmas)
  • Visit of the Royal Pages specialists in Fashion (Reyes Magos)


About Venca

Venca is the pioneer and fashion firm and leader in Spain in online sales since 1997, with more than 2 million monthly visits. The sum of fashion, logistics and technology allows you to offer an unparalleled shopping experience to its 500,000 active customers.

The Venca collection, with six product categories: fashion for women, men, children, plus sizes, lingerie, accessories and home, is sold, in addition to Spain, in countries such as France, Belgium, Portugal and Russia. Venca has 265 employees and belongs to the Digital Lola group.


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