What is a Pop-Up Success?

Pop-up events, live communication and experiential marketing have become the latest marketing asset and strategy for anyone looking to present a new idea in an innovative format. But when do you know your project has triumphed?


Deeply Pop-Up store in San Sebastian


If you are looking to start a pop-up event, first things first: have a clear vision of your goal and know how to measure it.

Let not this be only about revenue. A pop-up doesn’t necessarily have to sell anything, it is also about creating a new worthwhile experience for you or your clients and it’s there to create a huge buzz and customer touchpoints in the social networks of this world.


Corona Pop-up Store in Barcelona and Sitges


It’s important to deliver the idea you have set in an innovative way that stays true to your product’s and brand identity and makes visitors think and remember about the experience after they leave your pop-up store or event.

When it comes to pop-ups, the possibilities of creating something truly unique are endless, but there is two assets that should always be part of the overall goal: customer engagement and emotional passion. These are the main ingredients for achieving a satisfying event.

Once everything is set, let this be a learning experience where all questions will be answered. Can I turn my temporary pop-up into a full-time permanent business? Does my business model lend itself to expansion? Do I go national or even global?


Venca Pop-Up Store in Barcelona


Be ready and surprised what a pop-up store or event can do for you. And if you need any help or consultation on defining your individual brand goals and how to measure them, you should definitely talk to one of our pop-up experts today, to find out what Go—PopUp can do for you!




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