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40 m2

40 people

Zona 1 Centro Storico

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Space Description Reference : 7138D


The temporary store is 40 square meters. It also has a heated lab/storage space of 15 square meters that is connected to the store via stairs.
There are two windows, both facing one of the most famous shopping streets of Milan: Corso Magenta, close to the Expo Gate of Largo Cairoli, the pedestrian street Via Dante and Cadorna Station (Metro Lines 1 & 2), terminal of the Malpensa Express train.

Location area: Corso Magenta is a famous area, always filled with people strolling along, full of shops and famous flagship stores: Bang & Olufsen, Fratelli Rossetti, Joe Malone, Boggi, Libreria Taschen are just some of the names you can find here. There are also some famous longtime shops like the Marchesi Patisserie and the luxury packaging store Bardelli.
Corso Magenta’s target is average-high.

Space description: There are two big windows facing the street and another smaller one also facing Largo Tortora (Corso Magenta near Litta Palace), in front of the Fratelli Rossetti store. There is a dressing room at the ground floor (there is space to create a second one too) and a washbasin. The bathroom is in the courtyard and is for exclusive use for two stores. The store has metal and crystal shelves structures or metal shelves to hang clothes or for accessories and shoewear.
Included services:
- temporary license delivery at Milan Municipality
- lighting set (6kw power system)
- adjustable heating system
- air conditioning water system
- awning
- security keys (non replicable)
- shatterproof windows
- wifi network
- cleaning service
- insurance
- assistance in receiving products and setting up
- publication of event on Facebook page (over 4400 retail followers)

Extra services:
- personalized assistance
- personnel search
- use of our license with storage unit management
- other services






Opening hours

10:00 - 20:00

Special Conditions

This owner has not specified particular conditions

Minimum reservation days


Cancellation Policy:


(30 days). If the USER cancels at least 30 days before the date and time of the reservation beginning, he will be reimbursed 50% of the total price less the amount of applicable service tariffs and taxes. If the USER cancels less than 30 days before the day and time of the reservation beginning, he will not be reimbursed the unused days or hours. If the USER decides to leave the space ahead of time, the unused days or hours will not be refunded.




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