Dresses that allow women to wear their emotions by Tandi Fashion

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Tandi Fashion
12:30h BST
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Thandi — Thandi7thandi@gmail.com
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I am a new designer I make dresses from an East African fabric called Kanga. A kanga is known for the bold designs and the Swahili messages printed on them. Theses saying include proverbs and sayings. I produce the dresses in London. I keep the messages at the base of my dress, allowing women to wear their emotions.
We believe following the fashion industry seasons creates too much waste. Tandi Fashion does not follow fashion seasons, instead we treat our garments like numbered prints of art. When a certain print sells out, it is gone and we then introduce a new print. By acting in this way we are reducing waste, whilst each pattern becomes unique, a limited edition. All of our dresses are hand made from 100% cotton and become more soft after every use.
A portion of proceeds goes towards programs fighting HIV/AIDS
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