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3 m2

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Space Description Reference : 13XVM

About the store:
A concept store located in downtown Porto, hosting upcoming Portuguese designers, local labels and independent international brands. We focus on footwear made in Portugal, but our offer includes global fashion accessories, jewelry and clothing.

On the ground floor, we display women's shoes, clothing and accessories, as well as a varied range of lifestyle items. On the first floor is the men's collection, as well as a nice café area that offers specialty coffee and baked goods..

Available Displays:

Window display (faces outside and inside): 2,4x2,2m - photo nr 3
125€/daily; 495€/weekly; 1120€/monthly

Display table - Ground floor: 4x0,6m - photo nr 4
125€/daily; 495€/weekly; 1120€/monthly

Display table - 1st floor: 2,5x0,6m - photo nr 5
65€/daily; 250€/weekly; 620€/monthly

Shelf block - Ground floor: 2,5x0,3m - 6 shelves - photo nr 6
65€/daily; 250€/weekly; 620€/monthly

Shelf block - 1st floor: 2,3x0,3m - 5 shelves - photo nr 7
65€/daily; 250€/weekly; 620€/monthly


Fitting rooms
At street level




Opening hours

Mon-Wed: 10am-8pm; Thu-Sat: 10am-9pm; Sun: 11am-8pm

Special Conditions

A commission is charged over the total sales value during the rental period if sales are registered via TFR. All partnerships pend approval.

Cancellation Policy:


(30 days). If the USER cancels at least 30 days before the date and time of the reservation beginning, he will be reimbursed 50% of the total price less the amount of applicable service tariffs and taxes. If the USER cancels less than 30 days before the day and time of the reservation beginning, he will not be reimbursed the unused days or hours. If the USER decides to leave the space ahead of time, the unused days or hours will not be refunded.



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