Connect with your online community

Nowadays, more than before, companies need to find ways to connect to their communities. Especially when a community has been defined by a digital brand, there is the need to find spaces where to connect physically: customers desire to speak up their concerns and to be listened to.
Who: brands who want to strengthen the relationship with their online community 
What: a pop-up event  facilitates an interactive experience with the community and among its participants 
Why: to listen to concerns about your product or service while educating about them 
When: to solve delicate topics, such as data protection, and increase the transparency of your business 
Facebook opened a Pop-Up store in Cologne to allow its community to learn more about security and privacy on the platform, visitors could try out a variety of products and, for example, learn how to use some functions such as  "Lip Sync Live" or "Stories". 
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