Discover how you should transform your location in a Pop-Up store.

Pop-ups have become a channel in modern retail so temporary rentals, contrary to long term lease, are in high demand because they are more flexible therefore more efficient.

How can you respond to this demand with your space? 
It’s easy, we are with you every step:

  • Create a perfect profile: which are the characteristics of your space?
  • List  your space for free on our platform: you decide the availability and prices
  • Insurance: we help you to have  peace of mind
  • You are in control: You receive a request, you decide who gets the space.
  • Personalized service: our team personally takes care of you.
 “What I like about Go—PopUp is their commitment and vision. They are not only concerned with organizing the rentals, but they are furthering the whole pop-up concept.

Ingo owner of Torstraße16, Berlin   
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