What is an online pop-up store?

An online pop-up store is a virtual event that helps brands to connect to customers through a live streaming session. During the event, a brand's representative will  moderate the session, interact with the customers, advise them about products  and facilitate the purchase experience by redirecting them to the brand's website, using a chat booth.

If you are a Brand, you can easily set up your Online Pop-Up Store by using our Request Form. You only need to provide a few information and some pictures, and we take care of the rest

For more details, go to our Online Pop-Up  FAQ  for Brands!


And how much is this costing me?

From the second session on, you may choose to pay individual sessions, at a fixed fee of 49 € + VAT, or subscribe for three months and schedule as many sessions as you want for just a flat rate of 99 € + VAT

(*) Monetisation options                    Pricing             
  • Entrance fee                                    10% of all revenue generated             
  • Pre-sales coupon                          10% of all revenue generated             
  • Product Catalogue                       5% of all sales declared by the brand after uing lead generation code            
  • Donation                                            5% of all donations collected as declared by the brand after using lead generation code.

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