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Space Description Reference : MX1CW

Schiphol is one of the largest hub airports in Europe. With many different kinds of passengers and the sheer size of the airport, it offers a whole host of advertising opportunities.
- Every target audience: Everyone visits Schiphol, from young people to professionals
- Huge audience: More than 71 million passengers pass through Schiphol every year.
- Time to spare: Passengers spend about 156 minutes on average strolling around Schiphol

- Central Square Promo Point: This area has the highest traffic density in the airport, making it an ideal spot to host PR campaigns, broadcasting events or other creative promotions to attract the crowds. Size 7 x 4m

- Lounge 1 Promo Point: in the middle of Lounge 1, it's surrounded by passenger flows. You can create your own concept or design a unique display to promote your brand here. For total coverage, add the Duty-Free Lightbox Package and Digital Duo Screen too. Size 4 x 5 m

- Lounge 2 Central Promo Point: is located in the middle of the freshly renovated Lounge 2: the largest and newest lounge at the airport. Surrounded by all passenger flows, it offers great point-of-sale possibilities. Size 5 x 5 m

- Lounge 3 Promo Point: especially designed for product promotions and samplings. It is located between the House of Tulips and Gassan Diamonds, in the middle of the Lounge 3 seating area. Passengers flying to the Middle East or China wait here. Size: 6 x 4 x 1,4 m

- Luxury World Promo Point: surrounded by the exclusive stores that form the focal point of Lounge 2's Luxury World. This is a superb place to advertise at Schiphol as you can design an impressive display or create your own concept to promote your brand. Size: 25m2

- Reclaim Hall 1 Corridor Promo Point: After arriving at Pier B or C, all passengers going downstairs towards Reclaim will come across this uniquely located media object. Size: 7 x 4m

- Schiphol Plaza Central Promo Point: located in the middle of Schiphol Plaza, surrounded by all passenger flows. It offers numerous point-of-sale possibilities, making it an interesting way to advertise your brand at one of the busiest places at the airport. Size: 6 x 4 x 1,4m

- Schiphol Plaza Premium Promo Point: located at the very busy junction of Schiphol Plaza's shopping street and the escalators towards Check-in Halls 1 and 2. This makes it a uniquely interesting location, especially as it also offers retail possibilities. Size: 7 x 4 x 1,4m

*The photographs reflect the locations of the available spaces, but were not Go—PopUp actions

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