Espacio y tecnología a su disposición en el Vallés Occidental | Terrassa


188 m2

200 people

Hotel or Convention Center

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Space Description Reference : 6NZQY

Por su gran capacidad, esta sala es el espacio ideal para realizar reuniones y presentaciones a grupos grandes, 188m2 perfectamente bien utilizados para ofrecer un entorno de confort y funcionalidad a 200 personas. Por sus características, puede acoger perfectamente desde reuniones de empresa hasta banquetes familiares, ya que cuenta con todos los recursos e infraestructura necesarios para cubrir cualquier expectativa y adaptarse a todas las necesidades.

Àrea de 188 m2 perfectament ben utilitzats per oferir un entorn de confort i funcionalitat per a 200 persones. Per la seva gran capacitat, aquesta sala és l’espai ideal per realitzar presentacions i reunions a gran escala. Per les seves característiques, pot acollir perfectament des de reunions d’empresa fins a banquets familiars, perquè compta amb els recursos i la infraestructura necessaris per cobrir qualsevol expectativa i adaptar-se a totes les necessitats.

188m2 used perfectly to offer a comfortable and functional environment for 200 people. Because of its large capacity, this meeting room is the ideal space for holding meetings and presentations to large groups. Because of its characteristics it is perfectly capable of hosting everything from business meetings to family banquets as it has all the resources and infrastructure necessary to meet any expectation and to be adapted to all requirements.




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(30 days). If the USER cancels at least 30 days before the date and time of the reservation beginning, he will be reimbursed 50% of the total price less the amount of applicable service tariffs and taxes. If the USER cancels less than 30 days before the day and time of the reservation beginning, he will not be reimbursed the unused days or hours. If the USER decides to leave the space ahead of time, the unused days or hours will not be refunded.




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