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The district Charlottenburg/ Wilmersdorf is currently making a come back. There is plenty to discover aside from the usual spots such as Kurfürstendamm or Tauentzienstraße. Historical buildings line up next to each other, green parks invite for a stroll and at bustling squares locals meet for a coffee with their friends. The only thing missing here are creative pop-ups. We would like to change this and have a great space on Bundesallee to offer. A beautiful boutique and fashion atelier offers room for your ideas.

The space is located between the lively Bundesplatz and Volkspark Wilmersdorf. Apart from the chance of plenty walk-in customers, the space is well-known and has a reputation for its lavishly tailored evening gowns and clothing for special occasions. You can now use this space for the presentation of your products. It’s possible to either rent the whole 78 square meters or just a section. We can imagine a tasteful art exhibition, a demonstration of beauty products or countless other pop-up projects taking place here.





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