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Descripción sobre el Espacio Referencia : MY5MY

The container town is a small village at the Ostbahnhof with an urban flair and a sun deck.

At the Ostbahnhof, where painted ship containers contain the offices and workshops of creatives and a bar with sun deck, the Container Collective, as this colorful place is officially called, is a temporary use, limited to three years.
Here at the entrance to the Werkviertel at Atelierstraße corner Friedensstraße a hotel should be built. Until then, hopefully it will take a very long time. For example, the cocktail school of Dominik Obalski, the Hobby Motorcycle Workshop of the Crux Crew and the internet radio of the public owned guys and Radio 80000 have been installed in insulated containers with water and electricity connections.

We'd love you to see you present your ideas or your fashion here. Everything is alright, everything is possible.

Streetart artists like Loomit have designed the walls of the 27 containers, flowers, herbs and shrubs grow in tubs: a PippLangstrumpf village at Ostbahnhof.

Looking out over the tracks, you can enjoy life on Munich's most beautiful sun terrace, eat salad variations and feel very spacious. In the evening the place is still an inspiration for the visitors of the Kunstpark, but from above the festivities are also beautiful.


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· Si el USUARIO cancela con menos de 30 días de antelación al día y hora de entrada de la Reserva no se reembolsarán los días u horas no disfrutados.
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