“A place to share”

Today we introduce you to Lafede, architect, designer, director, curator and owner of a spacious location in the heart of the Born district in Barcelona.

All kinds of activities related to design and creativity are more than welcome!

Concept Store & Gallery

Owner – Lafede

Space type – Whole store

Main use – Pop-Up Store

Surface – 200 m2

Facilities – Lighting, Wifi, W.C., street-level storefront, fitting rooms, video projectors and showcase furniture.


What made you want to rent your space for days?

For days or specific events, it is part of the character of the space and my way of seeing things. It is a wonderful place in the middle of the Born, so if you want to keep maintenance of a place like this for activities with little profit, you have to think of other ways to monetize the space. This is a great way to do it.


What fears did you have at the beginning?

I threw myself, my dear. Fears? The fear of life, that which you have every day when you wake up in the morning.


What was the reason you uploaded your space to Go—PopUp?

A conceptual motive, since I have always understood my property as a place to share, with different people and different projects. If we add that the place is huge, then the possibilities are infinite. When you guys arrived you seemed like a very good platform to continue my idea in a more formal, continuous and structured way.


As a platform, I have never felt so much constancy and availability of the team, really. Everything, at every moment. You answer the emails super fast, and then these actions that you do, I can really notice the cotinuous activity.


Is it the first time that you use a platform of this type for your place? If not, which platforms have you used? Would you recommend them?

Three years ago it was my first time indeed, but today is no longer the case. There are others, but I will definitely tell you that Go–PopUp is the one that has created more traffic, visibility and that is the more complete one in a management level. It is also the one that cares more about the owners of the premises, the one that gives more attention to them.

For example, there was another platform that was trying to capture my location and the truth is that they offered me some conditions that made me thought: why should I get myself into this mess?


Rent a space for your idea


What is Go—PopUp for you?

A very young platform, very feminine, very enterprising, contemporary and modern.


What would you say to a customer who finds you onGo—PopUp to rent your space?

I would say that it is a super-unique space in Barcelona, very special. I think it has very good energy, and in general, it has brought good luck to all those who have passed by here. All the projects have gone forward, there has always been affluence of people, and the experience has always been very positive as far as the location. I think I make it really easy for the client.

As always, it is a pleasure to be able to speak with the most precious asset of Go—PopUp, our owners. If you liked this section and want the Go—PopUp team to pay you a visit, do not hesitate to contact us.


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