From Programmer To Pop-Up Shop Owner

For Dani’s last week in his pop-up shopon Brunnenstraße, we met him for an interview about his experience as a Horror Shop owner.

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Dani, your shop is full of items with cute and creapy little monsters. Why monsters? What do you like about them?
I love horror movies, I always have. I grew up watching Predator, Alien, and so many other big horror classics. And as I was getting older, I was digging more and more into this subculture, finding so many pearls. And nowadays this is a little bit forgotten, so the idea of this shop is to give a home to all these items, and all the people that enjoy them.

What is your best selling article?
To my surprise, my best selling article is the book Zonzo by Joan Cornellà. I’m a great fan of his work, but at the beginning I was a little bit sceptical to have it here in the shop because technically it’s not horror, sci-fi or creepy. But I thought it would fit as a “shocking piece”, which is also something it totally has a place in the concept of the shop, so here it is. I am very happy of its success, honestly.
The second best selling article are the toys from dKillerPanda, the first characters of the “Monster Theatre” series, which are Frankenstein, The Bride of Frankenstein, Invisible Man, The Mummy, London After Midnight and Nosferatu.


Where do you get your inspiration from?
I’ve been a good friend of the guys from dKillerPanda from Barcelona for many many years. They’ve been doing comics, tshirts, toys, art and all kinds of items all related with horror movies and wicked dreams for over 10 years . So together, having the same passion, after many nights sharings drinks, music and movies, I decided to go for this project. Then I tried get together with the right people to make sure we go to the right path but my main inspiration are my friends’ and mine passion for this culture.

Who is your typical client?
I think there are 3 different kinds of clients
– The tourists that perhaps want to get a different souvenir from the city.
– People who walk by and want to give someone a special gift
– Horror fans who besides the internet or some small sections in big shops don’t have a place to buy the goods they can enjoy.

What were your expectations before opening your pop-up?
I’ve never done anything like this before. I come from a totally different world. I’ve been a computer programmer working for other people all my life. But I had enough of it, and I wanted to bet everything in chasing my dreams. So my expectations right now are only collect experience, to see what people like and want, and, over all, to have lots of fun doing what I think it’s the right thing to do.


How is it going so far? Did it fulfill your expectations?
Well, all the starts are hard. I am having fun and starting to figure out what people like and what doesn’t get so much attention. I still have a long long way to go, but I am very excited to do it. And I have a great team of partners and collaborators, so I think the project is in good hands.

Did you do any special marketing campaigns? Like for Black Friday? Christmas? 
I tried Black Market but it didn’t work. I guess Germany is not used to the idea of Black Market yet, almost no other shop did anything for it. But I am aware that online networks are the biggest platforms to advertise yourself. Besides, what I try to do most is to create some kind of community with the audience, with anyone who can share the same interest. Either they buy something at the shop or not, the main idea is to welcome all the horror, sci-fi and 80-90’s action movies together. Just share news, information, laughs, movies, bands, concerts, events… and at the end everyone will be happy.

Your final resume so far?
The final thought of it all, after almost one month in this adventure, is that I still have a long long long way to go, but I think I am in the right path. And, as far I keep going in this path, sooner or later things will go good. Because there will ALWAYS be horror movies fans. It doesn’t matter if the mainstream movies we have out latelly are crap, we will always have our little classics. Those classics don’t know about age, countries, religion or social status, because they are pure and utter ENTERTAINMENT. And this will never die.


Thank you, Dani! 

If you wanna see what more products Dani git for you, you can visit him until Saturday 19th December in his pop-up shop on Brunnenstraße 195. Open every day from 11am – 7pm.

Photo Credits: Aina Riu


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