Inventorum And The Amazing Crocodile

Starting a new business is challenging. While having ideas for new stores and concepts seems easy, bringing those to life can be a bit more complicated than expected. Often the administrative work and the technical details preceding the opening of a store are discouraging.

It’s even more challenging when you’re opening a store just for a short time – like a pop-up – and it has to be profitable quickly. A part of Go—PopUp’s job is to help new entrepreneurs to get through those critical steps by providing essential support to open a pop-up store. Inventorum‘s merchandise management system can be a big part of that process. Inventorum not only provides an easy cashier system only requiring an Ipad but also accountancy, merchandise management, online shops and hardware. To understand how Inventorum works and helps new-born businesses, we met Jana from Amazing Crocodile who has been enjoying Inventorum’s services for 3 months.


Jana, could you tell us a bit more about who you are ?

I’m Jana Kubischick, I’m the founder of Amazing Crocodile. I came to Berlin 13 years ago after  finishing my studies of architecture, a sector in which I’ve never been working. I’ve always liked interior design but before my Amazing Crocodile adventure, I had a children store with my sister-in-law.

How was Amazing Crocodile born ?

As I’ve been saying, I’ve always been fond of interior design. In 2012, we closed our children store, after that I decided to work as an interior designer for a short time. However the idea of having a store again had always been there, so I thought why not put two things I love together? That’s how, 3 months ago, Amazing Crocodile was born!


How is Inventorum making your everyday store manager life easier?

Inventorum definitively makes the whole selling process easier. First of all, it enables me to have a complete cashier system just in an Ipad ! The system is really easy to understand and to use because it’s intuitive. Therefore, it’s very practical to get efficient quickly. Nonetheless, once you have a problem, I can guarantee the support service is really good, you’ll get a helpful and constructive answer in a short time.

Here in Berlin Mitte, I see a lot of tourists entering my store, people who are just here for a short time and don’t have any room to bring stuff back with them, therefore having an online store is essential. By automatically synchronizing the stock and the online shop, Inventorum helps me to sell only the products left in stock. In my old store, I had to synchronize my e-shop every time I had sold something. During busy periods, I sometimes sold products which I didn’t have in stock anymore. Inventorum is making all my store management easier and more efficient!


Could you please present Amazing Crocodile and the idea behind it ?

With Amazing Crocodile, I’m trying to gather nice interior design pieces that you can’t find anywhere else. The idea is to work with a kind of “exhibition system”. Every three months I’d like to present a new designer or artist who also dare to experiment. That’s how I’m trying to maintain a consistent renewal of the assortment I’m selling.

What were your concerns before opening your own store ?

As I had already managed a store before Amazing Crocodile, I didn’t have any concerns concerning the store management. I would say my biggest fear was and still is to coordinate my job as an interior designer, the shop management and at least my family.


To make the pop-up experience as easy and profitable as possible, Go—PopUp is also working hand in hand with Gothaer and services which are providing insurance and credit card readers. Go check their services out!

If you wanna learn more about Inventorum’s amazing services, go visit their website.

If you wanna learn more about Amazing Crocodile and their products you can go visit their website and their online shop.

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