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That one night. The music, the drinks, the dancing, these people you love, all coming together to create that special atmosphere and magical moment, we will remember for a long time, sometimes forever. Often it’s just a small, but meaningful detail separating an ordinary night from a truly exceptional one.


Among friends – Visiting the Our/Berlin Vodka Destille
The creators of Our/Berlin Vodka stand out with a local product, that has already found its way into many new bar or nightlife projects budding in every corner of the city. The makers put in a lot of effort to design a Vodka that catches the spirit (pun intended) of Berlin. We visited the one of a kind micro-distillery situated by the Spree and met the team fostering the familial Vodka production at their pop-up shop inside the Bikini Berlin.



A pretty cool place to work
As the Vodka is being produced locally, it’s just a short trip to the manufactory. The Destille, as it is called, lies between infamous clubs like White Trash, Chalet and Badeschiff. The area is dynamic and kind of mystique with a unique view of Berlins Monument TV Tower, Oberbaumbrücke and River Spree. Without any doubt, a pretty cool place to work.

The brand Our/Vodka originated from the minds of entrepreneurs around Åsa Caap in Sweden, teaming up with Pernod Ricard. The idea was to do things differently and to set up micro-distilleries in cities that produce a unique product characterized and shaped by local ingredients and local people. Our/Berlin was the collaborative pilot project having Jon and Pauline from the communications agency Paul Sanders as local partners.

In March 2013, after overcoming a lot of legal and organizational obstacles, the distillery finally opened. The production process of Our/Berlin Vodka can be experienced step by step at the impressive Destille, with its cool looking pipes, tubes and copper kettles.

Getting the details right
The batch that goes into the distillation-procedure consists out of three ingredients: Tap water, highly concentrated neutral alcohol and an aromatic fraction. The latter is fermented with a certified yeast-culture that gives Our Vodka it’s mild and slightly fruity taste. During the distillation process, the mix of ingredients is heated up. Over time lighter more simple molecules convert into the gaseous phase more easily than heavier, more complex ones. A cooling system transforms the gaseous phase back into liquid. Thereby molecules that are hard to digest, unhealthy or stinky ones and fusel oils can be removed from the final product. After adjusting the alcohol concentration in a blender, the Vodka is filled into the bottles. These have previously been rinsed with the Vodka itself to make sure no dilution takes place. After pressing on crown caps and labels the cap-saver is attached to finish the final product.

A skinny bitch – the ultimate taste test
Fabian Dieker is one of the young and creative member of the Our/Berlin Vodka family and so cheerful and enthusiastic as he lets us taste the clear liquid, he carefully pours into little glasses, while he tells us, what he likes about our/Berlin Vodka:

»The 350ml-sized bottle just makes it easy to take it with you to a party or give it as a present. So having it with close friends, preferably outside would be my favorite setting. I like it best pure as a shot. My favorite long drink versions would be a skinny bitch with lime, mineral water and fresh mint or the Vodka infused with white or green tea, as we offer it in tea-infusion kits, and filled up with tonic water.«



Our/Berlin Vodka tastes smooth and fresh with a slightly fruity note. The taste is clean and smooth, no fancy filtration methods, no artificial flavors. It is pretty honest and straight forward — just like the city itself. Today Our/Berlin has gained solid foothold in Berlin and more and more all around Germany. Everyone involved is psyched seeing the brand thriving and it feels like one big Vodka-family.

First the Bikini Box Pop-Up Stall then the rest of the world
At the Our/Berlin Vodka pop-up shop in the Bikini Berlin, Fabian stands in a beautifully decorated market stall with colorful confetti sprinkled across the table and a huge smile on his face, whenever he gets the chance to demonstrate one of their newest gimmicks to a customer: a small spritzer filled up with the fine Vodka infusions. Talking about fun at work!



High Quality
Fabian explains: “Because we use top-notch local ingredients we can trace back easily and assure highest quality. We control the production on site with the most up-to-date distillery- and safety equipment. The long-time experience coming from the distillers of Pernod Ricard combined with the skills of our production manager Kat, assures that every batch is just as pure and good as the previous ones. We do not apply any purification methods because the Vodka we produce is already of highest quality.

As the product stands up not only to the high expectations of mindful and locally oriented Berliners, but also starts to woo an international crowd, the brand expanded to the US by opening Our/Detroit Vodka in August 2014 and Our/Seattle Vodka in April 2015. This summer Our/London and Our/Amsterdam are about to start and there’s more to come, letting the Our/Vodka family grow into a global, fun-loving, confetti-bathing community.



Our/Berlin Vodka tastes smooth and fresh with a slightly fruity note. The taste is clean and smooth, no fancy filtration methods, no artificial flavors. It is pretty honest and straight forward — just like the city itself.



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