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The upcoming Gallery Weekend in Berlin promises fantastic exhibitions, design and performances. Making the choice for Berliners and Berlin visitors even harder: Which party, cultural event, festival, food market or pop up to attend?? Don’t worry, ASK HELMUT!
Conny, who is Helmut?

ASK HELMUT helps you find events that make your heart skip a beat. Concerts, parties, theatre plays, exhibitions or movies. We match the most exciting events in town with people who’ll love them. It’s available on the App Store, on Google Play or in your browser via I am co-founder and CEO of ASK HELMUT and I take care of the strategy and product.

We have to ask: Why did you choose the name Helmut?

Everyone wants to have this guy who knows what’s going on and what’s best for you. Have you seen the movie “Night on Earth”? Armin Müller-Stahl plays an East-German taxi driver in New York called Helmut Grokenberger. There’s a hilarious conversion about the “fucked up name HELMUT” and we thought: this name really deserves a bit more attention.

How do you ensure the quality of your product? Is there a curation process?

First, we work with trusted partners, ranging from larger ones such as Schaubühne or Ritter Butzke to small ones such as the project space Savvy Contemporary, Wolf Kino or – one of Go—PopUp’s current partners – SomoS. Currently we count about 200 partners in Berlin that make Helmut’s selection as exciting and manifold as it is, and we are happy about lots of new suggestions from new partners or artists every day.
Second, we ourselves only list events that we would also attend. Most of our team members are artists themselves and have worked in the industry for many years. They have a pretty good feeling about what’s hot and worth a visit.

What can cultural institutions do to pop up on your page?

Just drop us a line or suggest your event on! We’re happy about every hint from you. Since Helmut is always looking for special events or one-offs, pop up events should be exactly what we’re looking for.

As some one who is probably out all the time: What is the perfect Party/Couch-Ratio and how do you know when it’s enough?

Being so well informed about all the good stuff that’s happeing makes it quite hard to stay at home. It is actually so tempting that I ended up visiting 6 different events last week, from a concert at Prince Charles, a theater premiere at Volksbühne to an exhibition at Berliner Dom. The night on my couch on day 7 was a definite highlight during that week as well.

Thank you, Conny!


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