The 8bar Pop-Up: Dream Bikes To Ring Your Bell

A bike is the perfect companion, particularly in a city like Berlin, where you have designated bike paths virtually everywhere you want to go. And if you want to blend in with the Germans, a bike tour to the country side or the nearest lake and forest is obligatory on a sunny weekend.


So since we are a nation of bike sports, you will find a bike shop on each and every corner with an often overwhelming selection and even more often, poor or unfriendly advice given by the sales person. Been there, done that. In the end, you are likely to walk away with a bike, that does not live up to either your  expectations in terms of performance, fit or design.

We found a bike shop, that will cater to all your individual needs by offering full-on customizable bikes from head to toe or should we say from frame to bell?

8bar fhain fixed gear singlespeed-0182

8bar-bikes Berlin will let your bike dreams come true with clean lines, bright colors, co-created with each customer for a unique and perfectly matching ride.

With a beautiful showroom in Berlin-Kreuzberg, 8bar have already established their brand and will now be popping up at Bikini Berlin starting on August 3rd. Stefan Schott, a bike lover and specialist gave us some insights into the world of customized bikes and told all, you need to know to create your one-of-a-kind companion on two wheels.

Stefan, please tell us a bit more about 8bar-bikes. When was it founded and how did you come up with the idea and the concept of the shop?

I started 8bar bikes back in 2011. Together with a collective of cycle-crazy friends, I brought my vision to life. Now we are a team of five and have our own Showroom in Berlin Kreuzberg. Each 8bar bike is a unique, co-created project between 8bar and it’s owner-to-be. With our online configurator your are able to customize your unique ride. Mix colors and parts to your heart’s desire. Then 8bar will build your design from scratch with the finest attention to detail.

IMG_1994_8bar bikes showroom fixie fixed gear berlin

Are you building the frames yourselves? Which parts can be customized?

We develop the frames in Berlin. But the production is outsourced to a frame builder with a long history.
The customer is able to customize every single part on the bike. We have a few different frame models, different options for nearly every spare part (e.g. saddle and handlebar) and different colors for all parts. Beside that you can choose between Singlespeed up to 22-Gears. So there is no limitation. The end creation is always one-of-a kind and 100% reflective of your taste – a truly personalized ride for navigating through urban landscapes.

How long does it take from point of order to delivery of the bike?

Every bike is hand-build in Berlin and we do everything ourself in-house. We normally need one, maximum two weeks from your order until we deliver the bike.


What kind of customers like customized bikes? Do you need to have a lot of knowledge about bikes to customize?

I think everyone needs a customized bike to be honest. You will NEVER find the perfectly matching bike if you are going to a bike shop. But at 8bar you are able to choose a bike that fits you perfectly, because you can choose different types of handlebar, saddle, tires, gears, etc. but are also able to have a design that perfectly matches your taste and reflects your personality. You don’t need any technical knowledge to customize your bike. Our online bike configuartor is very user friendly and if you have any technical questions we have a great team that will assist you with your choice.

What kind of bike are you using yourself?

Good question. I actually have one bike of every model that is available at 8bar bikes. The 8bar KRZBERG Singlespeed bike for commuting in the city, the 8bar TFLSBERG Cyclocross bike for the winter and the 8bar KRONPRINZ roadbike for training and longer rides! Every model that we develop at 8bar is tested and approved by 8bar. We would never produce any bike that we wouldn’t ride ourselves.

8bar fhain fixed gear singlespeed-0240

You are about to open a pop-up shop at the Bikini Berlin. What is so attractive about the pop-up concept to you?

I think a pop-up store is a great way to show our brand to a new audience.

What sets you apart from other regular bike shops in the city? How can you describe the unique 8bar-bikes experience?

All 8bar products embrace sleek design with minimal branding to ensure that colors and the design itself stand in the spotlight. 8bar captures the progressive, fun and easy-going spirit of Berlin and its collaborative energy. The finishing touch to the brand is customization, so people can have a bike that’s unique and perfectly matching their needs.

Thank you Stefan!


Where to find 8bar-bikes

3. – 8. August 2015
8bar-bikes pop-up shop at Bikini Berlin
Budapester Str. 38 -50, 10785 Berlin
10 am – 8 pm


8bar Showroom
Wrangelstr. 18
10997 Berlin
Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat 12-18h
Thu 12-20h


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