Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen Pop-Up Restaurant

Whereas the 7th studio album of the Rolling Stones, called Beggars Banquet, is described as a return to the roots of rock, the correspondent event by Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen felt like a return to the roots of food and eating. Comfort food, i.e. traditionally eaten food, was served at long tables. You passed the food on to your neighbour what made it easy to start a conversation and even to initiate new acquaintances.

For the Beggars Banquet Zoe prepared many traditional dishes, which reflects Ghanaian rich agriculture. Delicious, simple and nourishing describes her food probably the best. One of my favourite dishes was the cassava, yams and plantains which are boiled, pounded and rolled into balls known as Fufu. I didn’t know much about Ghanaian food and I was nicely surprised by the use of spices such as cinnamon and hot red peppers. Did you know, that Chillies and red peppers are the fifth most important agricultural product for Ghana’s farmers in terms of revenue? However, Ghana is so much more than agriculture. Fashion, crafts and design are only some examples. You should give it a browse!

Apart from being introduced to a new culture of food, the Beggars Banquet introduced a new culture of eating, which by all means is Eating Together. Sitting on long tables and sharing the food with your neighbours from big plates created an extraordinary atmosphere. In essence it was not about to get entertained but activly take part in this social hub, which was framed and driven by this absolutely stunning dinner.

If you think of food and eating as a symbol or even the reality of love and security, than Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen fulfilled both aspects to the highest extent. I think its Zoe herself, who is not only a fantastic chef but an amazing host! She is getting around, talking to everybody and just making you feel like being at home. This makes she and her dinners very authentic because she is living the idea behind it. Zoe always makes new friends during her dinners. Actually for her this is one of the major aspects which contributes to the success of the evening.

We are looking forward to have her back in Berlin next year!!

More pics here!

Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen Pop-Up Restaurant: Beggars Banquet
Date: 22.11.2013
Start: 8pm
Location: CityStay Hostel, 16 Rosenstrasse, 10178 Berlin

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