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Are you interested in having a container pop-up? Do you need to have a space prepared? Do you want to be located in a trendy commercial area and be in contact with your customers?

This is the right place for you.

We put at your disposal pop-up containers of 15m2 (6m x 2.5m) so that you only have to put your product and the decoration of your brand, and start selling. You can have twice the size with 29.50 m2 (6m x 5m)

THE X-MARKET, a dynamic and changing space for containers and pop-ups, so that you can offer the public a ground-breaking retail offer and have an opportunity to connect with the wide audience that we group together.

It is a new retail proposal, an area that aims to support entrepreneurs, designers, creators, artisans, local commerce, online stores that want to bring their physical product closer to the final consumer. We put at your disposal a temporary rental space adaptable to your needs that will allow you to market your products, present your services, develop events or expose your creations.

Therefore, we put at your disposal thirteen containers that include electricity, Wi-Fi, lighting, background music, etc., so that you only have to bring your product and the desire to show it.

With the possibility of renting a pop up container for 6 months, renewable if desired.

The containers are located in the interior area of ​​X-Market (inside the X-Madrid shopping center) where you will have the perfect way to make yourself known, bringing your product closer to your customers in a very simple way, without large investments

Being present at The X-Market will allow you to feel part of a unique and different commercial and leisure offer. Its brands and operators of all kinds with great power of attraction give it a very dynamic and, of course, unique character.

Located in the south-west of Madrid, with an area of ​​influence of more than 3.8 million people within 20 minutes and 6 million people within 30 minutes by car.

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