An exceptional cultural experience | Hlavní město Praha

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350 m2

150 personen


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Beschrijving van de Plaats Referentie : HH89J

Rental of a boutique cinema space with comfortable seating and a bar directly in the hall. In this functionalist space you will find a combination of original architecture, modern Czech design and floral installations, which work together undisturbed and create an exceptional cultural experience -a bar, a cinema, both at once and something extra. The hall is equipped with furniture from the Czech brand Egoé, which can be folded as desired and create a tailor-made space. Whether for a day workshop or a night party. Daylight penetrating the hall is a great advantage for all-day conferences. Automatic dimming then allows you to achieve quality projection conditions even during the day. Another advantage of the acoustically treated space is also the possibility of music production even after ten o'clock.

The hall is equipped with a digital projector according to the requirements of DCI Sony SRX-R515P and server XTC-M10. Therefore, digital movies in DCP format can be projected. Other equipment: BluRay / DVD player, BetaSP, projection computer for processing projections from video files (up to 4K resolution), satellite receiver, Dol by Digital 7.1 sound and subtitle projection device. It is also possible to rent a representative lounge for catering .

Lounge 100 seats
Rows of chairs 150 seats
150 seats
Balconies 20 seats


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8:00 to 22:00

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