Événements à côté du Seine | Ivry-sur-Seine

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680 m2

400 personen

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Beschrijving van de Plaats Referentie : KX6CR

Inaugurated in 2014, our place embodies both modernity and refinement, with clean lines, design furniture, the main room unique volume and the unparalleled panoramic view on the Seine River.

With its 34 bay windows, the reception room offers an incomparably clear sight of Paris and the Seine river. Technical and architectural masterpiece with its aerial structure, it offers a refined setting with precious wood and contemporary furniture designed to measure, as well as the comfort offered by state-of-the-art technological facilities. Flexible thanks to chain mail curtains, this 358 m² room can be resized in two or three spaces and used for large or more intimate receptions.

the upper deck is superior for more than one reason ! Under your feet, reflections of a glazed floor. Under the palm, the exotic wood of the handrail overcoming the brushed steel railing. Before your eyes, the design furniture clean lines, the refinement of arrangements and the shimmer of the Seine river... So, everyone up on deck ! Its 325 m² can host 400 people for a cocktail who will share the early spring sunshines, the high summer light or the cool breeze of a night... The pavillon upper deck really deserves its title : in exotic wood and brushed steel, completed with design furniture and refined arrangements, it’s in a unique elegant setting that it provides Seine shimmers and the silhouette of the Paris banks.




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