Exclusive pop-ups in Carnaby Street | London

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Beschrijving van de Plaats Referentie : VJF69

A unique, iconic shopping and dining destination
Attracting an estimated 40 million people each year, it is a popular and internationally-renowned destination for fashion retail, focused on flagship stores, new concepts and independent brands. It now has a growing reputation for lively, casual dining, cafés, pubs, bars and clubs, centred on Kingly Court and Kingly Street.

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For these spaces, Go—PopUp is the contact on behalf of the landlord. So if you click on the "Ask the landlord" button at the right of this page you will get in touch with a representative of Go—PopUp. To proceed with your request follow the steps below:

1. Tell us what action would you like to have with your brand in this mall

2. We need you to send us a PDF with the presentation of your brand. It must be previously accepted by the property

3. Once your brand and your action is confirmed and accepted from the property, Go—PopUp will check availability.





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