900m2 privatizable pavilion | Paris

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900 m2

1100 personen

Place Vendôme

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Beschrijving van de Plaats Referentie : 2PRZ9

Built in 1930, the building was refurbished in 2015, so as to create a new reception place, which amazing volume offers the greater adaptability.

The ground floor proposes 660m² of spaces that you can privatize or customize as you wish. The spacious room, clad with marbles from Botticino and Ruoms as well as murals from the swedish artist Ewald Dahlskog, includes a mezzanine and eight bay windows directly lead into the cour Vendôme, providing a unique atmosphere. The ground floor is completed with the cour itself and the more intimate Salon de Cotte, leading into the wonderful Hardouin-Mansart façade from the 18th century Jules Robert de Cotte hotel.

The room, this space full of character is singular thanks to two monumental safe doors with apparent mechanisms, witnesses of the banking activity pursued at the Pavilion. One of them, rectangular, stands in the lobby whereas the other one, circular, gives access to the vault, large space dotted with rough concrete pillars covered by backlit glass panels. For more confidential moments, the basement also includes three small rooms from 10 to 30 m².





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