Pavillon avec salons qui permettent des configurations infinies | Paris

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1600 m2

1500 personen

Place Vendôme

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Beschrijving van de Plaats Referentie : HZST4

Our space offers an amazing volume under its canopy and marble columns. Its versatile reception rooms provide infinite configurations

The reception room, bathed in the sunlight of the beautiful canopy which overlooks it about 10 metres high, combines rare elegance with exceptional magnitude. Its mezzanine, which is punctuated along its entire length by arcades evoking boxes of the adjacent Opera, further strengthens the spectacular nature and volumes of the reception room. An extended Lycra voiles device enables to resize space, so as to adapt to more intimate events, and even to divide it to create two separate universes in the reception room.

The auditorium: conference or reception, preview or fashion show, dance event or projection, everything’s possible at the Auditorium, amazing space providing infinite configurations. Ingenious and versatile, it can be fully converted as circumstances required, until being transformed into a real auditorium with 375 seats, provided with ultra-modern equipments.

Rooms: Intimate and quiet, two rooms can host from 5 to 60 guests. These are places for warm exchange, private meeting, maintained confidentiality... These two reception rooms are connected and offer a privileged view on a French inner garden.

Reception room 2: Bathed in the daylight, the reception room is a versatile place which can host until 90 guests in various configurations. In addition to other reception rooms for a welcoming place or a gourmet break... as a meeting or conference room, it can also be used alone for a business meeting, a conference or a more private cocktail. Its location “facing the street” and its bay window can give free play to everyone’s imagination and daring!




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