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150 m2


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Beschrijving van de Plaats Referentie : K131H

We offer the privatization of our space and support you in the realization of your public or private events. A dedicated team is at your disposal to meet your needs. We cover all sectors: events, live performances, screenings, radio, conferences, exhibitions or public events. Our offer is customizable according to your expectations.

Accessible by metro (line 8 and 9) The Garage is a former 80m2 perfume shop located parallel to the Grands Boulevards. Its atypical shape and decoration, associated with high-end technical equipment, is ideal for the reception of concerts, performances or the organization of events, as well as for events such as exhibitions or showroom...

SURFACE: 150 m² (including 70 m2 courtyard)
The place is composed of two spaces, an interior space of 80m2 with a glass roof and a very high ceiling. The second is a courtyard of more than 70m2 which can be used very simply on sunny days. The two spaces can easily be used for concept stores, exhibition spaces, filming or any type of general public event.





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